Wooden Shjips mix for yeti

Οι φοβεροι και τρομεροι Wooden Shjips εφτιαξαν ενα ωραιο mix για το περιοδικο yeti
Track list:
November 8th Or 9th - I Can't Remember When -- Arthur Doyle Plus 4
Last Rights -- High Rise
Silver Current -- White Heaven
If You Don't Come Back - Part One -- Vermonster
Hawkwind Show -- Monoshock
Galactic Supermarket [1] -- Cosmic Jokers
Heavenly Blue Pt. 4 and 5 -- Angus MacLise
John's Children -- Byard Lancaster
Klangbron -- Trad Gras Och Stenar
The Golden Hour III -- The Electronic Hole
Viola Lee Blues (live) -- Grateful Dead
Creature Feature -- Suicide
SS Cygni -- Chrome
Der Herrscher -- Walter Wegmuller
Head On -- Loop
1945 - Out Of The Ashes -- German Oak


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