brothers in arms.

"Tips and tricks- When climbing past windows it is not polite to look in. Know your limitations. Use extra care when climbing on poor quality building materials. Beware of what is falling from above. Beware of arrest. Don't fall unless you have good landing. - Excellent buildering can occur within several feet of the ground. Fortunately this allows for exciting climbing challenges with minimal physical risk.- Never climb when drunk. Remember that it is much easier to climb up that to climb down. It is easy to climb too high and then to panic."

"...;the bricks smelled ambrosial. ..."

The Climbing of Buildings, Fences and other Opportunities, Jeroen Jongeleen. MRV-03.
Published by MORAVA.
Edition of 100 copies.

στην αθηνα θα το βρεις εδω

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