staring into the sun

Staring Into The Sun

Staring into the Sun is the latest ethno-folk cinema classic from Sublime Frequencies. Ethiopia is known to be one of the oldest areas inhabited by humans and presently has over 80 diverse ethnic groups. In 2009, photographer/filmmaker Olivia Wyatt explored 13 different tribes throughout Ethiopia in this visually stunning film on DVD with accompanying 136 page book of Polaroid photographs and audio CD of field recordings. Traveling from the northern highlands to the lower Omo Valley via bush taxi, Isuzu cargo trucks, and by any means possible, Wyatt brings together the worlds of Zar spirit possession; Hamer tribal wedding ceremonies; Borena water well polyphonic singing; wild hyena feedings; and bizarre Ethiopian TV segments; presenting an enchanting look at these otherworldly images, stark landscapes and captivating sounds from the horn of Africa. The featured tribes are captured with an unflinching sense of realism and poetic admiration resulting in a visual and aural feast of the senses. The accompanying 136 page hardcover photography book with liner notes by Olivia Wyatt and 117 color photographs of Wyatt's Polaroids is a fantastic collection that includes portraiture, landscape and textiles compromising a rich tapestry of images from this ancient land. The included CD of field recordings contains audio not presented in the film and adds another dimension to the comprehensive documentation on this expedition. . Sublime Frequencies most elaborate package yet.

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