things are inert

"Things are inert: they have meaning only in function of the life that makes use of them. When that life ends, things change, even though they remain the same. ...There is a poignancy to it, and also a kind of horror. In themselves, the things mean nothing, like cooking utensils of some vanished civilization. And yet they say something to us, standing there not as objects but as remnants of thoughts, of consciousness, emblems of the solitude in which a man comes to make decisions about himself. Whether to color his hair, whether to wear this or that shirt, whether to live, whether to die. And the futility of it all once there is death. "
invention of solitude p10

Τελικα αυτη ηταν η μονη σημειωση που κρατησα απ ολο το βιβλιο μαζι με κατι αλλες ασυναρτησιες σχετικα με το ποσο ψοφια ειναι τα κουζινικα απομειναρια στο μουσειο του μπαουχαους. πωπω το τιποτα

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