PLVS VLTRA interview for 06:00 am

06: Why do we constantly repeat the same mistakes?

 too much daydreaming.

06:How did you end up doing what you do and not something else?

 i had always wanted to travel and play music or take photos, something that keeps me from getting bored. i think you attract an opportunity sometimes when you are feeling determined to do something new or when it meant to be or something... I might be doing something else in few years, who knows.

06:What is your idea of happiness?

 snorkeling in the ocean chasing tropical fish,  then after that, go to eat at the local restaurant for the most delicious meal

06:In your opinion can money bring happiness?


06:Do you believe that destruction includes the principle of creating?

 no. but sometime you have to destroy a whole building in order to improve the core of its structure

06. What is the driving force of creativity?

  the ideas  you have in your head and then u realize life is pretty short

06:Do we learn from art? Can human be educated through art?

 i never went to art school, so i'm not sure

06:What was your father's profession? 

 he was once a doshu of Aikido

06:Have you understood what was the thing that defined your way of thinking?

mistakes I made, or other people did

06:What is beauty for you?

 something you can look at, or listen to for a long time and many times

06:Where did you grow up?

 Fujisawa and Kamakura city back to back. it's in Japan.

06:Do you think that places influence the way people think?


06:Which book are you currently reading?

 Slouching Towards Bethlehem by Joan Didion, and also O. Henry, Selected Stories. 2 books

06:Have you made mistakes that helped you learn?


06:Do you believe that people come to life with certain skills?


06:Do you catch yourself thinking about death?


06:Life gets more interesting with questions of with answers?

maybe more practical than interesting with answers

06:When do you get mad?

 when i find no soap at the bathroom sink

06:What does one lose when she/he grows up?

 Vitamin D 

06:Do you do what you wanted to do in life?

 i do so far.

06:What is the most important thing in your life?

 people i love

06:Can you send us a picture (of you or of something/place) that best illustrates your current state of mind to post along with you answers?


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