Lee Gamble Interview for 06:00am

What is the feeling that a person gets when she dances and in which points do you believe it differs from the feeling that the DJ has while she mixes? Is it the same what they feel?

I can’t know. There is some sense of an injection and the injected here though. Qualia.

How was your childhood and which experiences you had as a kid influenced you greatly?

It was great really, lots of older people to hang about with. My family had(s) a huge influence on me. People who you know give a fuck about you.

In your interview for FACT magazine you describe many of the processes of conceiving ideas for producing your music. For Diversions 1994-1996 you bring up the importance of the pauses between the rave tracks, later on you mention as an inspiration the neurological symptom of 'release hallucinations' and before that the importance of the 'game' mode. Through all this, have you found your main personal impulse, your drive, or a core that drives your creativity?

These processes are symptomatic of the drive to create something. It’s a circular thing. There has to be a drive – not like supplication or something.. If I’m not excited about what i could potentially create, I can’t expect anyone else to be fussed about it either. There were some number systems that instigated two of the tracks on ‘Tvashar’ – sometimes the drives to engage, and make something, can seem/be very abstracted from the things themselves (the outcome).

Are there things in your work that you feel good about and you believe that they will last through time?

I have absolutely no idea whether or how they will last. Of course, in some form they will - It would be amazing if you could encode some music in a kind of Panspermic spore though and fling it out there…

You belong in a generation which has lived through rave parties. How does this make you feel today?

It doesn’t make me feel anything today really, I’m not at all nostalgic. Nostalgia is yourself lying to yourself via a hallucination of your own smiling face.

How do you imagine your life after 40?

I haven’t..

If you suddenly lost your memory, what wouldn't you want to forget?

My family and closest friends

Do you have obsessions?

Of course, I’m a human.

Is terrorism a kind of revolution?

What is your rational and justified mode of attack/defence? The term ‘Terrorism’ is not easy to define..

When was the last time you have been to the cinema? What did you watch?

Couple of months ago to watch ‘Berberian Sound Studio’ by Peter Strickland

Does it matter for you how many people finally will buy your music?

When you’re with a label that spends money on mastering, promotion, artwork, pressing, then yes, there is a financial aspect. I would make music if this wasn’t the case anyhow though..

Do you watch TV?

Occasionally there is interesting stuff on TV.

How do you perceive the concept of myths? Do you think that myths are essential for living?

We are absolutely surrounded by myth. ‘The World’, or our version of it is full of myth. The entire universe is non-human, so, to accept that you’re here at all is to some degree, to accept myth. You don’t have to believe in the Tooth-Fairy or God or be a psychologist to know that humans are dreamers, existential mythmakers, liars… It’s I think why ‘atheism’ is a tricky term. Where do you start/stop being totally scientific and super-rational? I mean, were just apes with massive brains plopped out without question into a universe we can’t be sure we are equipped for, and that we have little clue about.

Do you remember your first trip far from your home? Do you travel often?

Yes, it was to Ireland. I was very young, I had the most remarkable, memorable and lucid hallucination of a huge man following us up the motorway for hours, he was purple, he was walking fast to keep up with the car. I was encouraging him. He was about the same size as the tall trees.

What does it mean 'to be having a good time'?

To be in a mental state where you are not burdened by the stuff that usually burdens you.

What is the craziest thing you have done, ever?

I was born. That really must be an intense experience. Being in such an intimate, dark and secluded place for 9 months, akin to an insect. Then to be suddenly confronted with a bright white room, huge people in white robes and masks, an entirely new sound and visual world, a plummeting temperature, the smell of a hospital ward etc…

Can you send us a picture of you and a picture of something/place that best illustrates your current state of mind?

(see picture in the beginning of interview and the following: )

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