Juju & Jordash interview for 06:00am

06: Can you describe your work for the people that haven't experienced it?

G: We try to make music you would like to hear both on the dance-floor and in your living room...mixing up various musical influences/genres and not sticking to formula's even though often the result is quite dark and psychedelic
J: it's the sound of falling between two chairs

06: Is there a person that has secretly influenced you more than anyone and anything in the world?

G: from people i met in person,maybe my guitar teacher as a teenager
J: not secretly… Udi Kazmirski

06: In your opinion, what makes us undisciplined?

G: laziness and too many options to choose from
J: not really wanting to be disciplined

06: What is perversion?

J: dunno.

06: What is revolution for you?

J: I have no idea.

06: What is the role of art?

G: to take you to places you never imagined before, or give you new perspective of ones you already know
J: art has no role.. food has a role.

06: Have you finally understood what defines your way of thinking?

G: still working on that...
J: crappy childhood

06: What is/was your parents profession?

G: mother was a teacher , father a banker
J: father academic mother worked in an office

06: What is your opinion about the work and the ideas of Sun Ra?

G: I'm a huge fan of his music, and it has inspired me a lot
J: I love sun ra. one of the 20th century's greatest.

06: Do you consider yourself talented?

G: on some days (kinda) yes , on others not enough
J: I got some skills and wish I had more

06: Which book (books) are you reading these days? Any specific line that has been stuck in your mind from this reading?

G: A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again by David Foster Wallace.
J: none.

06: Does your family have any relation with music?

G: not really
J: father and grandfather played some piano when they were young. both gave up when reality set in.

06: Which is your guilty pleasure in music?

G: I love me some country steel guitar based music...
J: I don't feel guilty about any of the 'crap' I listen to

06: What does one loses when growing up?

G: hair
J: family members, friends.

06: Do you do what you want to do in life?

J: more so than I ever imagined possible.

06: What do you perceive to be the major political/social/economic issues of today, nationally and internationally?

J: nationalism.

06: Do you vote?

G: I'd like to, but cannot vote abroad as an Israeli
J: sometimes. when I can.

06: How would you describe your politics?

J: choosing the lesser of two (or more) evils

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