Yorgia Karidi interview for 06:00am

06:00 How would you describe what you do to someone that has not yet experienced your work, your art and performance?

I am an artist that does painting, drawing, videos, performing & singing.
I seek my art to be Fun, Exciting. Various mediums, Interchanging. When I present something I try to surpass a frame of expectations and senses. This is how I regard my everyday life as well.

06:00 How do you approach collaboration?

It happens when it does. I greatly respect collaboration. Especially in playing music, it's the bomb dot com.

06:00 Which are you favorite 5 youtubes from other users and why?

I used to love Ionia nisia cause I 've listened to super unexpected lyrics on there, the channel of make-up artist Lisa Eldridge because of her relaxing voice & cause she is just so efficient. I love vickyoxum8's channel because it seems from somewhere in Brasil and I listen to a shitload of obscure ( to me) brazilian tunes. Eerie recordings too.

06:00 Where do you live? Which are your favorite sounds in the space where you live?

I was born and live in a quiet neighborhood. I like it when a sudden loud thing comes up. A metal bucket against a wall per say. I also hang out a lot in my atelier. I love the sound of the Omonoia sq. traffic as heard from the seventh floor.

06:00 Suddenly every single radio station in the world broadcasts the same song, which song must that be?

Love me do.

06:00 What is the role of art?

It is there. So we can't get no satisfaction.

06:00 What is friendship?

I would' nt know. I only have siss & bros.

06:00 What is rhythm?

Something that's -the- -best-. Individuals dancing.

06:00 What are you listening to these days?

Make up tutorials, my field recordings, the music my friends share or play on their dj sets.

06:00 Which are your 3 favorite movies and why?

Ugh I cant chose! Le notti di Cabiria. A devine film of love, compassion and a zero bottom line so as to not forget we are vulnerable (τρωτοί).

06:00 Which was the last good book you read?

From Argentina.. 'Varamo' by Cesar Aira.

06:00 What is your first musical memory?

Ultra young memory: Though the plastic grid I was poking the net of the speaker of our cassette player with the ballpoint pen.

06:00 Send us a picture of yourself and a picture that best illustrates the current state of your mind.

Great! Attaching my first shot of 2016 (that's a co-selfie with bestie), and my first recording of 2016.

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