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'Matt, Johnny, Chris and Mark'

Magali Reus, Aluminium foil, bricks, glass, 2005)

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pix : Diving Water 2007 - Ryan McGinley


Μarina Abramovic



'give me the cities
give me smog'

pousti pornogere bukowski

'Trees- green ness, its ok,,, its ok,
but I mean it can finally be deadening. Its just like: green trees,
greeeen treees, greeen treees, green treees, ok, allright, what are you gonna do?
Give me the cities
give me smog,
And you know there is a way of loving smog.
Its non truth, it feels good,
you walk out, and you get a deep breath, you are part of it!
Shit, you are walking through smog, you are living through smog,
you love the buildings, you love the inflation,
There are creatures who adjust to conditions.
There will be smog people, inflation people...'

pousti pornogere pousti.

"...my first night in this bar I am writing about, that s what upeased me,
attracted me. I walked in half dead, I just went in for a beer.
It wasn t even a night, it was about one in the afternoon,
I walked in and the place was packed, it was in a poor neighbourhood.
I sat down, drunk a beer, looked around.
It was packed, everybody was crazy and drunk.They were all drinking beer,
but, all of a sudden, there came a bottle flying though the air.
This guy was next to me, I found his name was Stanley Frealy,
turns and then he says: 'You ever do that again man, I' ll kill you!'
I said boy, this is the place I wanna be! Something
is finally happening. Another bottle flew by through the air, cruuushed.
The bartender just poured another drink, he didnt say anything.
I said this is my nirvana! Everything is happening!
Open, violence. Decent open violence. And then,
two guys got in a fight, they started slamming it around,
and I went to take a piss,
they are still fighting
and I went right through them, I said "Ok, pardon me gentlemen"
they both stood aside, and then they started fighting again,
when I came back I said "Pardon me gentlemen" they stood aside again.
And I said "This is my heaven, I m gonna drink in this bar,
I m gonna fight like this, and live like this." This is the thing
that I am talking about. This bar. This bar. You know what happened?
That night never repeated again.
It was like they had all planned it for me.
And the same people were there and I waited and I waited.
I waited two and a half years... it was never any night like that first afternoon.
I was trapped into a dream that I wanted. Thats all"

the last train - donnacha costello:)...



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