electric knife


Virilio - Signature

Refraction without the appearance of colour.

Corinna Triantafyllidis: tympani, tamtam, synthesizer, drum machine, voice.
Dimitris Papadatos: electronics, guitar, turntables, synthesizer, voice.
Recorded in Acacia Studio – Athens Greece (2013)
Written & Performed by Virilio.
Produced by Dimitris Papadatos & Corinna Triantafyllidis.
Mastered by Martijn Comes.

Thanks: Constantine, Martijn, Daria.


nihilist spasm band 'breaking wind' LP

As nicolas was heading for his roaring forties birthday, we were wondering whether we should issue a release to celebrate the occasion or should we throw a party or whatever. On the one hand lots of radical changes had taken place in the rekem HQ during the last year and found the four of us in a state of flux. On the other, a release idea to which you can always return and use as a sound diary, was bringing shivers from the absurd heyday and ultimately we couldn't resist the idea of doing one. Whom to invite for it? Without any second thought, the name of the Nihilist Spasm Band stuck to our minds. A band of friends who -for nearly half a century- hold regular Monday-night meetings/improvisations, their music has been a companion to our explorations in the world of obscure music, ever since our first encounter with it almost 23 years ago. And the recording and title the NSB suggested to us couldn't have fit any better, marking a crossroads in our lives with their free-as-the-wind sound that will now accompany new journeys.

Michael Adamis Electroacoustic Works

Rekem and Mafia presents:
A Selection of Electroacoustic Works 1964-1977
(Deluxe 2xCD & booklet)


"Absolutely essential release of one of the most prominent personalities in the music world. Michael Adamis was recognised as a pioneering composer who created a contemporary musical genre upon the Greek tradition. He has managed to create an original electroacoustic soundscape, leaving a clear aesthetic mark among contemporary and Byzantine music. These works offer a remarkable example of his pioneering and diverse creative course, revealing a search for new means of expression. Tape, voice, distortion, concrete and electronic sounds, use of early synths. For the first time a Super Deluxe Double CD & Booklet edition is released with a selection of previously unreleased electroacoustic works from the 1964-1977 period."