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"FREEDOM OF ASSEMBLY IS A HOAX" - from Spike Art Magazine

Fatima Al Qadiri in conversation with Daniel Keller


τι λεει;

Afti i syllogi ksekinaei me mia gamimeni ypothesi, kati ilektronika kai enan gratzouniari. Metaferomaste apeftheias diladi kapou. Se liga xronia lene i tilemetafora tha einai routina. H sinexeia einai pio groovey pio 'ela ligo pio koda' fasi, glaropoulia, xasmourita, aitheria fonitika, kati san demo tou pio kalokardou synthesizer twn art of noise. Meta pame sto synth twn tangering dream gia 2 demo ouu skoteina, sto deftero akoume th fwnh ths ginaikas gia prwth fora methismenh apo eksousia pou sto epomeno ginetai methismeni apo xaidemeni aganaksiti, ena aidonaki sketo diladi. Mas leei "Eisai toso art deco ekei panw stin pista, astrokopas san metaliko oplo, kryos kai avevaios, mwro mou eisai toso ghetto, psaxneis na skorareis, otan oloi se xeretane kaneis ton kinezo, sa na theleis ki allo, giati? sa na theleis kiallo, giati?" Kai tetoia


so very very nice to look at!



the melodies haunt my reverie


Yorgia Karidi interview for 06:00am

06:00 How would you describe what you do to someone that has not yet experienced your work, your art and performance?

I am an artist that does painting, drawing, videos, performing & singing.
I seek my art to be Fun, Exciting. Various mediums, Interchanging. When I present something I try to surpass a frame of expectations and senses. This is how I regard my everyday life as well.

06:00 How do you approach collaboration?

It happens when it does. I greatly respect collaboration. Especially in playing music, it's the bomb dot com.

06:00 Which are you favorite 5 youtubes from other users and why?

I used to love Ionia nisia cause I 've listened to super unexpected lyrics on there, the channel of make-up artist Lisa Eldridge because of her relaxing voice & cause she is just so efficient. I love vickyoxum8's channel because it seems from somewhere in Brasil and I listen to a shitload of obscure ( to me) brazilian tunes. Eerie recordings too.

06:00 Where do you live? Which are your favorite sounds in the space where you live?

I was born and live in a quiet neighborhood. I like it when a sudden loud thing comes up. A metal bucket against a wall per say. I also hang out a lot in my atelier. I love the sound of the Omonoia sq. traffic as heard from the seventh floor.

06:00 Suddenly every single radio station in the world broadcasts the same song, which song must that be?

Love me do.

06:00 What is the role of art?

It is there. So we can't get no satisfaction.

06:00 What is friendship?

I would' nt know. I only have siss & bros.

06:00 What is rhythm?

Something that's -the- -best-. Individuals dancing.

06:00 What are you listening to these days?

Make up tutorials, my field recordings, the music my friends share or play on their dj sets.

06:00 Which are your 3 favorite movies and why?

Ugh I cant chose! Le notti di Cabiria. A devine film of love, compassion and a zero bottom line so as to not forget we are vulnerable (τρωτοί).

06:00 Which was the last good book you read?

From Argentina.. 'Varamo' by Cesar Aira.

06:00 What is your first musical memory?

Ultra young memory: Though the plastic grid I was poking the net of the speaker of our cassette player with the ballpoint pen.

06:00 Send us a picture of yourself and a picture that best illustrates the current state of your mind.

Great! Attaching my first shot of 2016 (that's a co-selfie with bestie), and my first recording of 2016.


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