Σtella interview for 06:00am

How was your day?

It didn't start great, but its getting better.

What is good music for you? Can you describe it by referring to some of its characteristics?

Good music has to make sense in a way. For me a good song feels like someone just gave me a key to a room i had never entered before, but knew that existed and always had a yearning to go.
I don't believe it has to have specific characteristics or anything else specific. If it can take you places, then its good.

How would you describe your music to someone that hasn't listened to it?

This is something I'm having trouble with, when someone asks me "what kind of music do you play" i really don't know what to say so i hum a lot, pretending I'm thinking and after some minutes i say pop because i know they know the word, and maybe its close to what i play, but in general i think my songs have little bits of different genres inside them.

What is love?

Love is something different for everyone, but we all use the same word for it.

What is your first musical memory?

A mix of an old Greek folk song and a cool version of (i can't get no) Satisfaction.

One thing you wish you could change about yourself?

I wish i would exercise more, be more active in general, do sports, climb mountains, walls, jump fences, swim all year long, i miss these qualities of my childhood.

Tell us the story of your first kiss.

It was with a really good friend of mine and we put a bed sheet between our lips because we were not suppose to be doing what we where doing. For several reasons.

What is your inspiration in music? How do you approach your creative practice, that is, how do you like to work?

My inspiration comes from situations. Situations i am in, situations i wanna get in, situations i can't get out of, situations of others, fantastic situations etc.
Usually when I'm in a weird state of mind i tend to write more.

What is the role of art?

let me Google that one.

How does it feel like to perform live?

I feel very transparent.

If all the radios in the world suddenly, simultaneously, played the same song which song would it have to be?

Then He Kissed Me by The Crystals

What is beauty for you?

Beauty for me is my girlfriends face.

Who is your favorite painter?

Luc Tuymans

To know a woman well somebody has to know well her father?

You never really know who a woman's father is.

What are your plans for the future regarding releases live shows etc?

I m waiting for my album to be released in January 2015 via Inner Ear Records and hopefully I'm gonna do a lot of live shows after that!

Can you send us a picture of you and of someplace or something that best illustrates your current state of mind to post along with your answers?


Kyriou Karydi


Gunnar Haslam interview for 06:00am

A revelation of today, something that you discovered?

I’m lucky enough to do research for a living, so I tend to discover many things throughout the course of one day. Today was spent mostly learning about martingales and how they apply to my current areas of study. No major revelations, but the groundwork was laid for some revelations in the future.

What is your first musical memory?

It’s not my first musical memory, but it’s the first of any substance. When I was ten years old one of my closest friends was Israeli. One night we were sitting outside around a fire and playing with these new weird drums he had. He told me about how the Bedouins typically play the same rhythm for hours, and about how hypnotic that can be. We sat there for I don’t know how long playing the same rhythm, and it was a really eye-opening experience for me. Since then I’ve always been drawn to long, repetitive, hypnotic forms of music.

In which mood (moods) did you make Mirrors and Copulation LP? Tell us also a bit about the title if you like.

It was made over a pretty short period of time during the summer. Many of the songs were started in the morning, and left to loop for hours until I felt they were sufficiently interesting. Then I just recorded them. The title alludes to a Borges story, and in particular speaks to the problem of overpopulation. As I recall that summer was warm, not too hot, and a bit breezy.

Tell us about a few other L.I.E.S. releases that you really like.

Well I have all of them, but I think the ones I go back to the most often are Jahiliyya Fields’ “Unicursal Hexagram”, “Echo Drugs” (LIES 010.5), Terekke’s “Pf Pf Pass”, Jorge’s “Territories” and LIES 036 by Voiski. There are so many great ones though.

Which were the last records you bought?

“The Anxur Takes Vol. 1” by Marco Shuttle and Donato Dozzy, Jeff Mills’ “Expanded”, Neotantrik “Omnichrom”.

What is internet for you?

Hard to say, since I essentially grew up with it -- difficult to remember a time without it. It’s mostly a place where I click around without getting a whole lot done.

If all the radios in the world simultaneously played the same song, which song would you like it to be?

Some silence would be nice.

Which is your favorite samples record? Which is your favorite movie soundtrack?

I like taking samples from everywhere. I recently bought a multi-volume yoga lesson from the 1960s at A1 here in New York -- that one is pretty good for sampling. I also like sampling from obscure 78s. My favorite movie soundtrack… I’m not sure. I have a soft spot for the soundtracks of Jacques Tati’s films.

Where do you live? Do you live alone? Which are your favorite sounds in your apartment?

I live in Brooklyn with my girlfriend. I listen to so many electronic buzzes and whirrs all day and hearing her voice is usually the highlight. My modular is making some fun sounds right now in her absence though, and it sounds nice with all the birds chirping outside my window.

What does it mean "to be having a good time"?

Probably means that you’re not thinking about having a good time.

What is friendship?

Sounds like this I suppose -- “The Friendship Mix”

In an interview of yours in a Red Bull music Academy article you said that “Music is a document of a moment. There’s something special in leaving it as-is, and I think when music gets overworked you’re losing a lot of context.” Can you repeat here for us how do you like to work on music? How are your creative processes like?

Yeah it’s similar to what I described above. I usually turn something on and get a pattern going, and after some time different elements emerge and start working with each other. Provided this is all interesting and I like it, I hit record. I don’t like sitting down with something in mind -- whenever I sit down to “make a dance floor track” or “make an ambient track” it always comes out wrong. Whatever happens during the recording happens, and I tend not to mess around with it too much afterwards.

What are your plans around new music, other releases and performances for the future?

More releases, more collaborative work with Tin Man. Hoping to get a live set together one of these days.

Send us a favorite picture of you and a picture of something or some place that best illustrates your current state of mind to post along with your answers.