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Fabio Frizzi interview for 06:00am

06: Do you believe that if someone wants to make out with a lady should take her to see "Dracula"? What do you think is there in horror movies that could be stimulating in that sense?

FF:To conquer a woman there may be many systems. I, for example, prefer to make her laugh, have fun. But surely the charm of mystery and fear can help. And then today the community of lovers of fantasy and horror has expanded enormously. Anyway, as Freud says, adopting Heraclitus, Eros & Thanatos have a deep relationship.

06:What is creativity for you?

FF: Creativity is a magic moment. Actually happens. And that makes you feel like Gods. You have an idea in mind, a simple idea that looks like so many other thoughts. And like many thoughts could disappear at any moment and be forgotten. But you do not let her get away this time. You stand in front of a sheet of paper next to a piano and turn it into something different. You look, you feel, you listen to it. It 's always an idea, but now it is coming out and if you really like it, you can begin to give it a shape. The musician, like all artists is a craftsman who must work for a long time to get a convincing result. Much later, when someone is singing or whistling the theme finished, it will be difficult also for you, who created it, to remember all the composition process. Something magic.

06: How did Death Waltz Recordings came in contact with you for the reissue of Zombi 2?

FF: Spencer Hickman is a young record producer distributor in London, young but with a great experience and with very clear ideas. He knows that the modern discography has a target other than the one of 30 years ago, and realized that back bravely to vinyl (as many do some time now in London, New York and many other places in the world) could be a good choice. He is a good fan of my soundtracks, particularly those '70s and '80s. He contacted my agent and publisher here in Roma, Daniele De Gemini of Beat Records, who told me about the project. I found it brilliant and I immediately supported. Spencer probably will be the promoter of a concert that we're going to do in London next Halloween. Strictly on the music of Fulci films. Frizzi 2 Fulci the title.

06: Do you vote? What is your opinion about the current sociopolitical situation of Europe?

FF: For many years I did not vote, disgusted by the political reality, especially the Italian one. Recently I returned to vote, as a act of responsibility for the terrible situation we are facing. I think that since some years there has been a paradoxical situation, a kind of third world war, an economic war that has sanctioned the crisis of the so-called West economy. I believe a lot in Europe, social and cultural development of all our people, who certainly many common roots. But it is a long and treacherous period that will still need a lot of time. I am a big fan of Greece, have been there many times in my life and I have great respect and admiration for its ancient civilization from which we all come. And I really hope that the mechanisms of the European Union allow Greece to regain soon the serenity and perspective it deserves.

06: What is your favorite synthesizer and which is your favorite sound effect? 

FF : When I started working in the early 70's, first synthesizers began to come out. I think I've used them all, each of them had a special charm and characteristics. After so many years, there are two elements that still fascinate me like the first time (apart from my TR808 and Jupiter 8 that are still in my studio since then): I speak of the Moog and Mellotron. Mellotron took me in the story of the mysterious paranormal appearances in the films of Fulci. The Moog is a masterpiece that still has a ductility and, I would say, a soul waiting to be discovered. Their sofware versions are extraordinary, but the originals do not fight.


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