PLAY! 12 Vinyls= How many BMX? PLAY!

this post goes for all our international friends!

Angel and tarzarnita invite you to play the game "12 Vinyls= x BMX".

The rules:

Pick 12 vinyl records (with no order of preference) from your collection,
listen to them,
and then write whatever comes to your mind about them.

You are free to write as many words as you desire, there is no limit.
Just to give you the heads up, until now 7 other people played this game and shared with us some of their most trivial but precious experiences, describing all the thrilling tiny details around their records.

Join in!

You can post your list at your blog and send us the link or send us an email at: vinyls12xBMX@yahoo.gr

everybody wants to play.

we are really sorry that we are not willing to translate anything in english
we just hate things being lost in translation

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