comfort noise- η πληροφορια που ηρθε ενα χρονο αργοτερα,

και την ευχαριστω. 

"...Space itself is an instrument in which the background sound of subtle auditory shifts, singing resonance and dead echoes fills the air so completely that this peripheral sound seems to personify the place itself, a ubiquity of such familiarity that it fades into nothing.'Finally, we don't live in sealed containers', write the authors of A Perfect Mess, explaining that ambient background noise must be inserted back into the cleaned -up signals of mobile phone conversations for the callers to feel that they are connected and 'natural'.

'We live in a world where things that make noises are constantly new to us, where in a sense even the space around us has a faint murmur to it. This noise feels right to us; at a n unconscious level, it is reassuring. The technical term for this type of background noise, in fact, is comfort noise - (telephone) engineers like (Federic) Bourget call it CV - and trying to talk to someone in the absence of it is a bit disorientating and even a little creepy. Our brains rebel at the unnatural neatness.' "

david toop sinister resonance

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