Last American Hero is a magnificent record

Vinyl reissue of a great cassette album from James Ferraro, originally released on Dreamtime Taped Sounds, a series of meditations on American concepts of heroism and freedom as refracted via MTV, Hollywood and various black magic marketing strategies. Starts off with an unexpected slow avant blues guitar piece that picks up organ and synth to sound uncannily like early Charalambides before breaking into an electric boogie that serves to conflate notions of authentic outlaw forms and clichéd rebel shorthand while sounding totally fucked up. Comes with an MP3 download coupon: “"THE ENERGY ENHANCED GLADIATOR WISHES TO MERGE AS ONE WITH HIS GIRL. HIS TONGUE RING GLOWS UNDERNEATH THE RENO MOON. HER SILVER SILENCE BEGS FOR HIS PLEASURE. HE CAN HEAR HER CALL DEEP WITHIN HIS BEING, AS THE DESERT CLOUDS ROLL ON OVER HIS METAL SLAVE. SHE SUBMITS TO BE PARKED AND THE SHADOW OF LOVE IS AMOUNG THEM. A BLACKTOP TUMBLE WEED ROLLS AROUND THE DRIED TAR ONLY A DREAM OF IT’S MASTER BLOWING IN THE WIND. FROM THE HAND OF THE GLADIATOR WHO NOW HUNTS FOR A DREAM, A FLAT SCREEN DREAM. A GROUP OF HUMANS PRESUMED LOST FOR THE LAST DECADE AND A HALF WERE FOUND ALIVE CAMPING OUT IN THE BACK RECESSES OF A COSTCO SUPER MARKET. AFTER BEING LOST DEEP INSIDE OF THE COSTCO BUILDING FOR WEEKS WITHOUT ANY OUTSIDE CONTACT, THEY FINALLY STARTED THE SETTLEMENT OF "NO FEAR". The front cover (JUDGE JUDYITE IN SODOM AND GOMORRAH) represents the programmed citizen and the process of it’s logical sequence as visible from the working creative inner ego of the program (the living human host’s perspective) in a snapshot form in the empty world created by the MODERN Gomorrah temple BEST BUY™ plaza center. The back cover represents the same idea but this one exhibits the inner head perspective of the "LIQUID ENERGY ENHANCED GLADIATOR IN THE DIGITAL COLOSSEUM A.G.* *After Google " – James Ferraro. Highly recommended.
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