ignatz interview for 06:00 am

0600am: May I ask, who are you? 

Ignatz: My name is Bram Devens, I live in Brussels Belgium and have been making music as Ignatz since 2004. 

0600am: What was the first music you gravitated towards?

Ignatz: As a child I was not into music at all. I prefered reading books and writing and drawing. A nerd. One day I won a drawing compitiion and the prize was a flute. That was my first instrument. I played it for hours. Later I got a portable cassette recorder and started recording "songs". I was 11 years old.

0600amWhen, how and why did you choose this instrument? 

Ignatz: When I was 13 my I saw Sonic Youth, thurston moore played guitar with drumsticks and made a lot of noise and this appealed to me. It looked easy enough. My mother used to play guitar so we had an old spanish classic guitar at home. I didn't know how to tune it but the kid next door played guitar and he tuned it for me and learned me the first chords. The guitar detuned easily so I went to his place everyday so he could tune it. He got tired of that and told me to fuck off. That summerI picked cherries on a farm for a month and with the money I made I bought my first electric guitar and amp. My parents were not happy.

0600am: How much place does your music occupy in the space that you live in? The map drawing in the cover of you latest release. What is it about?

Ignatz: All music related stuff could fit in one closet. A couple guitars, some pedal, 2 boxes with cables and a small record collection. The drawing of the map is made by Olivier Schrauwen. http://ollieschrauwen.blogspot.com/ He is a comicartist. He drew this map while working on his first book "my boy". He never used it for the book but I remembered the drawing and asked if I could use for the record cover. It shows Belgium the way someone like king Leopold II pictured it. Too big. 

0600am: Do you become sensitive to random noise as you get older? 

Ignatz: Not really, but loss of hearing might play a role in that. I do like more space in sound as I get older, instead of a wall of sound. 

0600am: Ignatz the mouse, the comic strip character which throws bricks as a sign of love is the story behind your name. Justifying 'violent behavior' as a sign of affection has a childish but also transcendental character to it. Do you think it is important to have a sense of a mythological dimension in life?

Ignatz: I think it is important to have no mythological dimension in life at all. We all want stories bigger and more interesting then reality, but as we are stuck with reality its best to accept the mundane aspects of boring daily life. I like to present my music as straightforward as possible with as less mystifying elements as possible. In a live setting I  like that people can see the mechanisms behind the music.

0600am: From which subjects do you like to build upon to give narrativity to your music. What do you prefer to sing about?

Ignatz: I don't use real lyrics, and have never written any. Allthough in my head each song has a subject and sometimes a narrative, they are not fixed at all, and while playing them heavily influenced by the moment. S mostly I sing about things that happened half an hour before I started singing, which could be drinking a coffee, are going outside, seeing it raining and going back in, or hearing someone talk shit about another person. 

0600am: Have you ever read anything by Jim Tompson?

Ignatz: No, I have to check him though. 

0600am: Can you describe the different ways you like to lose yourself in the music Eminemly speaking? 
Could music making for you mean a kind of inner cleaning process/situation, psychologically speaking, or is it more like a slow drag that goes on an on in circles? 

Ignatz: There are times where playing music is a kind of inner cleaning process, but sometimes it is not. It is a more slow process, where you work on something for a couple of days, sometimes longer. Repeating over and over. And trying to find new ways of doing the same thing. But still feel connected to the original idea/feeling.

0600am: How do you imagine your set in Athens, the space, the people, at Knot Gallery on Friday will be like?  

Ignatz: I have played in Athens two years ago, and because of lack of imagination I hope it will be like the last time. Because I had a great time then.

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