Mirroring distortion, Ανωμαλια, Τα Ζουζουνια/ Noto Sakamoto 2011

Ryuichi: I love you Alva.

Alva: Can't you just call me Carsten now?

Ryuichi: Its just that your nick means so much more Carsten

Alva: I don't recognize you anymore, Ryuichi. You used to be so contained

Ryuichi: I' ve losen up, I m giving all to you. There is more for you.

Alva: I can sense it.

Ryuichi: I know.

Alva: I can even sense when you re about to make a mistake, or how you' ll enter and when you're bored, I know it by the arrangements of the cello.

R: I know. That's why you keep filtering them so much. I don't mind. You're just so fucking there all the time. I know that you know that it's ok to throw some introspective dramagery every here and then cause you don't mess with the cheesiest parts of it.

A: You know that's the reason I agreed to do the By This River covers in the first place Ryuichi.

R: I know. But then it's like what else was there for us to cover? You talk to me as if from a distance, and I reply with impressions chosen from another time, still we are both stuck. Goddamn glue.

A: Who's glue is this Ryuichi?

R: It's our glue. The river is ours. I don't give a damn. You don't give a damn. Fuck the river.

A: That's what I've been doing.

R: So why should we end this?

A: I never said anything about ending anything!

R: You asked whose glue was it.

A: I meant yours or mine.

R: Meaning 'what keeps us stuck??'

A: No! Meaning what keeps us together

R: Ah. Oh. I see. Ok. Got to go. Let's end this chat.

A: Ok pick an ending.

R: No, you pick an ending.

A: No, you pick an ending.

R: No, you pick an ending.

A: Will fade out do?

R: Why yes!

A: Why ye

R: Wh

A: W


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