‘Paris – Genève’ Lionel Marchetti & Jérome Noetinger

‘Paris – Genève’
Lionel Marchetti & Jérome Noetinger

recording equipment posing as musical instrument is nothing new in this side of the sun, few people have taken the idea so far though, as to dispense with the need for really anything else other than the recorders themselves. Who to take upon this task then, other than two of the finest live music-concrete manipulators, eminent Revox B77 users, Lionel Marchetti and Jérome Noetinger? Both have an impressive body of work – Marchetti more as a composer, Noetinger more frequently as an improviser – and have collaborated before on occasions (one relevant release that springs to mind is their double disc, ‘Les 120 Jours’ with musique conrète composer Michel Chion). On the occasion of their πτώματα κάτω απο το κρεββάτι Lp, they offer two live recordings, from geneva and paris respectively. Starting with stolen dialogue and other expected conrète elements, soon rises into a much more singular and distinctive flavour. Don’t miss this

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