emego018 / evil madness
super great love

evil madness are:
bj nilsen
jóhann jóhannsson
helgi thórsson
sigtryggur berg sigmarsson
pétur eyvindsson

cover artwork by helgi thórsson
recorded and mixed 2007 - 2010
cut at dubplates & masteringdecember 2010.
this album is dedicated to franz graf

evil madness has been described as the traveling wilburys of icelandic electronic music. behind the name stand men like petur eyvindssonjohann johannssonsigtryggur berg sigmarsson,helgi thorsson and bj nilsen (who is not "quite" icelandic but was born in a country "very" neariceland).

this album, "super great love", presented by editions mego will be their 4th album since the time their formation in 2006. now for those of you reading who know the music of evil madness will know for sure that this band does what ever they damn well pleases when it comes to making the music.  with "super great love" they want to get people in the "goodmood for the fresh new yearand present them with some upbeat icelandic "diskotunes

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