Jonny Trunk interview for 06:00 am

06. what is your idea of happiness?

Hearing something super on holiday when the sun is shining

06. What is normality? What does it mean "being normal"?

I have no idea anymore.

06. Can music save the world?

No, but it can make you happy, joyous, dance, feel young etc

06. Do you have order and program or a kind of discipline in your life? Is this due to your mother or your father?

Today I am very much self motivated. I wasn’t when I was growing up and in my early teens, so I doubt my current motivation is down to my mother or father.

06. What is it that makes you constantly create?

If I don’t create then I shrivel away and die.

06. What time do you usually wake up in the morning?

This morning it was 6am.

06. Do you like to live well, with lots of comforts? 

I live as well as I can afford. I eat good food with my family, and quite like wine that costs about £7. And yesterday I bought new socks and pants.

06. What do you like the most when you stay at a good hotel?

The way it makes you feel strangely sexy.

06. what is beauty for you?

My wife in the morning

06. Did you read comic books when you where young? now?

Yes, Warlord. All about war and death and guns and that.

06. When do you believe that music took a central position in your life?

When I staretd seriously collecting it, about 17.

06.where did you grow up ?

In between two towns: Aldershot, home of the British Army, and Farnham. Surrey / Hampshire borders.  

06. Which book are you currently reading ?

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

06. Are you a man of action or a man of philosophy and thought?

Action after a bit of thought

Whats was your father's profession?

He never told us, Official secrets act apparently.

06. Are you strict/hard on yourself?


06. From the many ideas that might be there in your mind, with what criteria do you pick the one the you will finally realize?

It’s the one that makes me feel a bit funny.

06. Why did you start trunk?

Because I realized the music I really wanted on vinyl had never been available on vinyl, so I had to make it available on vinyl

06. Which is your favorite record released from trunk?

Music For Biscuits

06. Can you send us a picture that best illustrates your current state of mind to post along with your answers?

I shall have a dig about. 

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