Thanos Samaras interview for 06:00am

06. Why do we constantly repeat the same mistakes?

People don't change, not really. No wait, they do.

06. How did you end up doing what you do and not something else?

Dumb determination.

06. What is your idea of happiness?

Nature. Silence. The atomic bomb.

06. In your opinion can money bring happiness?

Of course it can, dear.

06. Do you believe that destruction includes the principle of creating?


06. What is the driving force of creativity?

Looming death. Keeps him at bay.

06. Do we learn from art? Can humans be educated through art?

No, humans learn by force and violence.

06. What was your father's profession?

A doctor. Still is.

06. Have you understood what was the thing that defined your way of thinking?

Yes. It is [fear of] abandonment.

06. What is beauty for you?

Must be untouchable, unapproachable. Must be better than you.

06. Did you read comic books when you where young? Now?

I loved Donald Duck. I don't like adult comics.

06. Do you consider yourself to be talented?

On occasion. When I don't think too much.

06. Where did you grow up?

Salonica, Greece

06. Do you think that places influence the way people think?


06. Which book are you currently reading?

"I Am Not Ashamed" By Barbara Payton

06. Have you made mistakes that helped you learn?

I didn't learn from any of my mistakes, I still make the same ones. The obvious comforting pattern.

06. Do you believe that people come to life with certain skills?

Yes. Certain aptitudes seem too effortless not to be informed by one's DNA.

06. Do you catch yourself thinking about death?


06. Life gets more interesting with questions of with answers?

Answers. Too many questions, few answers.

06. When do you get mad?

Slow people make me livid.

06. What does one lose when she/he grows up?


06. Do you do what you wanted to do in life?


06. What is the most important thing in your life?


06. Can you send us a picture (of you or of something/place) that best illustrates your current state of mind to post along with you answers?


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