Rabih Beaini aka Morphosis interview for 06:00am

06. Where are you based?
Between Lebanon and Berlin, mostly in Berlin lately.

06. What is your first musical memory?
A Lebanese late 70s pop music cassette that my uncle used to have, it mainly was some prog-and--psych oriental pop stuff, and some classic pieces.

06. Can you describe your work for the people that haven't experienced it?
It’s an expression of inner light and darkness. And sometimes you can dance to it.

06. Does your family have any relation with music?
I heard that my grandfather was one of the most respected Aataba and Mijana singers in the whole region where I grew up, Aataba, Mijana and Zajal are traditional and popular improvised singing sessions between qualified quawwali’s, requires a good skill in the use of words and structure. This I think is the only relation my family has with music, but I never met my grandfather.

06. Which is your guilty pleasure(s) in music?
I like to twist people’s minds, sometimes this becomes too harsh, and I feel sorry about it, but I can’t avoid it. 

06. What was the last record you bought?
Nick Edwards - Plekzationz album on Mego Editions

06. What is your idea of happiness?
There are many forms of happiness, sometimes it’s when you reach inner peace, and peace with the world surrounding you, other times it’s when you know you will be forever remembered, for some reason, leaving a mark on this planet, a son, a composition, a creation, this is mainly our idea of living in eternal.

06. What is good music?
There is nothing called Good Music. There is only Music. The rest is not.

06. How was the environment during the first years of your life? How were you as a child? How did you live, what did you do?
I was quite a calm character, with an early sense of responsibility, you needed that living in a country in a war state, my parents taught me how to develop my own sense of understanding and evaluating. I had a lot of curiosity and love for discovery and learning. I also had bad company, did shoplifts for ice cream and matchbox cars, got caught both times, set fire to the cane forest close to my house, stuff like that, was a hard worker in fields and in construction sites with my uncles, constantly fighting with my brother to maintain my dominating position in the family, things that normal kids do, I guess. I was fortunate I never had a passion for war related things, never wanted to follow any local ideology in politics, and never got into any sort of organization, it was too easy for a kid at those times to get involved in militia and organized crime. But I managed to survive this. 

06. What's your father's profession?
He used to run a construction company for public contracts and works, and then a stone quarry, now he lives in the village taking care of the fields and lives a quiet and peaceful life.

06. What did your family think of your music?
There was no initial interest, they thought I was one of those big room mainstream DJ’s, until a couple of years ago I started explaining some things, my father was surprised that I loved traditional music, my mother totally loved what I did, for some reason she caught exactly the spirit of my music interest and development, she loves to listen to some of the records I recently left in Lebanon, some afro-beat and free-jazz. 

06. Is there a person that you are glad you have met through this work?
Many persons, too many to count and name, but some special ones for sure.

06. How long have you been DJing / making music / running the label?
I would say 20 years since I played real gigs as DJ, 14 years in music making, 8 years in running labels. 

06. Which production / remix are you most proud of?
Every Single One of them, and I’m happy it’s still like that and actually getting better, for me. 

06. What is there between dance and groove?
Dance is a discipline, an expression of the spirit. Groove is subjective, each one can find groove in many diverse ways. Your Dance relies on the way you find this groove.  

06. Why do you make music?
It’s my form of expression, I’m a bad dancer and a terrible painter. 

06. What is it that makes you constantly create?
Curiosity and Love. 

06. Does silence have sound?
Thank god no. 

06. Do you read newspapers? Which?
Randomly, I don’t care to be honest. I’d rather read something more interesting. 

06. Do you vote?
Yes, in my country when needed. I think it’s a civil duty.

06. Can you send us a picture of you and a picture of something or some place that best illustrates your current state of mind to post along with your answers?
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