Right Knider interview for 06:00am

was today a good day?

That depends on the sum of tomorrow minus yesterday.

what inspires you?

My non-existent ambition.

can you describe your music to someone that has not yet experienced it?

Soul music for heartless robots.

what is hate?

Suppressed guilt with fangs.

what is rhythm?

Closure of the Cartesian mind/body divide.

to what do you owe the need to make music?

I make music to make sense.

where do you live? what is your favorite sound in the space where you live?

I live in my house and I prefer the sounds coming from my home speakers.

what is your favorite sound coming from a music instrument?

A long, resonant middle D from an analog synthesizer.

a record that changed the way you think?

Brian Eno – Another Green World

suddenly all the radios in the world broadcast the same song. what song must that be?

Troum & All Sides – Shutun [10.00-21.00]

"the chief characteristic of the twentieth century is the terrible multiplication of the world's population. it is a catastrophe a disaster we don t know what to do about it." - Gombrich.
Any observations regarding the statement above?

Yes. Academics have failed to interpret the world and we are forced to consume their self-righteous narratives.

what was the last good record you bought?

John Carpenter – Lost Themes

what is your first musical memory?

Failing to play as good as the demo song of my VL-1.

what is a city?

To paraphrase Baudrillard, it is the plateau upon which we stage our “survival among the ruins” of history.

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